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Blog: Living Mighty Well

Our Top 5 Gifts To Give A PICC Line Patient

  We have compiled our favorite products for PICC line patients to look and feel their best while going through treatment and while using a PICC line; but of course, these gifts will help any one feel 'PICC'd Up'! ...
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Spoonie Stories: Autoimmune Diseases & Lyme

Hi, my name is Erika and I am 24 years old and I have been ill all of my life. Symptoms of autoimmune diseases (Perthes Disease, a hip disease, and Vitaligo -a skin pigment disorder) started at an extremely young age, causing problems learning in school and socializing. Then I came down with Lyme Disease in fifth grade, which I believe was after a family trip to Maryland. I had multiple NASTY ...
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