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Blog: Living Mighty Well

Being Ill in Any Way Is Better When You Are Not Alone

 Jess shares how her "face-to-face" battle with mental illness has made her a stronger person. A few years ago, Jess would have told you, "my disorder has destroyed me." But after consciously confronting her illness head on and developing a caring support system, she no longer views her anxiety as a weakness, but as a strength. Read her blog below: ...
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An Open Letter to The Doctor Who Ignored My Illness

  Dear Doctor,  I do not want you to feel singled out by this letter. I am actually hoping you learn something from it and one less person will have to go through the torture I went through just to receive a diagnosis. You were only one of seven doctors who told me I did not have Lyme Disease, even when I said I thought I did. I don’t think you’re completely at fault because it is clear that the ...
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Living With Turner's Syndrome

 Having two very short parents my short stature wasn’t exactly a surprise. I was born at 17” long (a size now mandated by law to require additional testing) and grew up just tall enough to fly under the radar. It wasn’t until I was about six years old when my parents noticed that while my peers were growing leaps and bounds (growth spurts are very common at this age) I didn’t seem to be growing ...
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My Inspiration To Become An RRT

 Most people find their inspiration in a parent, an older sibling, or even someone famous. For me, it was my younger sister – a beautiful person inside and out....
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High Functioning Anxiety

 I have high functioning anxiety. What is high functioning anxiety, you ask? Strangely, it doesn't mean that my anxiety is constantly functioning and that it is constantly in effect. It actually has nothing to do with the amount of anxiety you feel on a daily basis....
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Looking Forward When You Fall Back

Most of the friends that I have talked with about my Osteomyelitis have been very supportive, but they still don’t fully ‘get it.’ So far, I’ve had two surgeries in the past two months (both emergencies) to stop the spread of the infection in my bones. The first surgery led to the amputation of my pinky toe on my left foot and the second surgery led to an additional inch of bone and flesh being ...
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How I Found A Few Extra Spoons In A Haystack Of Spirochetes

Recently, I was asked to describe how Lyme Disease has changed my life. Originally, the words that I used to try to answer this question reeked of pain. Truthfully, yes, this disease has broken me in ways I never thought possible. But I can’t go there. Going there would only be a setback. If you are this sick, the slightest bit of negative energy can really mess with your healing process. When I ...
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To The One Who Denied A Familiar Shadow, Despite Having Their Own

This is a poem I wrote to get the words that bubbled in my chest out. It is inspired by a number of relationships – friendships, family relationships, and romantic. It hurts when someone acts like they don’t know you, but I found a way to find light in that....
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